Let’s Talk About CATS!

My first childhood pet was a cat. I have always been a cat lover and have had many cats in my life. Currently, I live with 6 feline babies. Living with multiple cats can be a challenge, not to mention all the boxes to clean! There are the occasional power struggles for Mommy’s attention and nights get be pretty crazy when everyone decides it’s playtime! NASCAR, you have nothing on the races that happen in my house at night!  ‎But, despite all the struggles and INSANITY,  I wouldn’t give any of them up!

When I started pet sitting I was so excited to get to meet different cats and learn more about this amazing creature. Every year as I meet more and more feline fur pals, I learn new tricks for keeping these curious creatures happy while their parents are away‎, from laser pointers to fetch and even playing hide and seek (yes cats will play hide and seek).

As the owner of multiples, I understand the importance of paying attention to slight changes in behaviour, eating and pottying. Perhaps it’s made me a bit of a cat whisper. The few times that I have had to seek medical attention for my clients’ cats over the years, I have been able to identify and relay the exact details of behaviour change, eating habit change and even potty changes. This helps vets have a better understanding of what we maybe dealing with. As one vet said to me, cats are a bit alien to us because one small thing can upset them and it can lead to other issues.

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I am a firm believer in keeping cats in their homes, not because I am a pet sitter, but because I am a cat connoisseur. I’m not saying that there are cats that don’t do well in a kennel situation, some do. I just believe that cats do better in their own surroundings with visits from a trusted, insured pet sitter.

Our visits include litter cleaning, feeding and fresh water…and for those willing, to it also includes playtime, brushing and of course CUDDLES! Choosing a pet sitter who understands cats and their sometimes odd behavior is absolutely essential for their wellbeing!

Contact us to discuss your pet sitting needs for your cats today!

Hope to see you at the Cat Show on Saturday, February 27th & Sunday, February 28th at the Portsmouth Olympic Harbor in Kingston, Ontario! We are proud to be one of this year’s Cat Show sponsors!



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