Is your pet waste piling up? Let us take care of the dirty work! Pet Parade Plus can clean the pet waste in your yard or cat litter box.

Yard Pet Waste Cleanup

Please Note: 13% HST will be added to all prices at the time of billing.  Prices are subject to change.

Pet Waste Cleanup Rates


visits per week

1 Dog 2 Dogs 3 Dogs 4 Dogs


 $12.00  $15.00  $18.00  $21.00


 $11.50  $14.50  $17.50  $20.50


 $11.00  $14.00  $17.00  $20.00


 $10.50  $13.50  $16.50  $19.50


 $10.00  $13.00  $16.00  $19.00
Bi-weekly Pet Waste Cleanup (2 visits per month) Rates


Number of dogs Price









5 or more dogs will be priced based per hour of cleaning
Please contact us for a quote.

PLEASE NOTE: The above prices are for backyard cleanup only.

Need your front yard cleaned too?

Please add $5.00 to each above prices.

Initial Pet Waste Clean / Spring Clean / One Time Clean Rates


Small and medium yards  $45.00
Large/ oversized yards  $65.00
Include front yard  add $10.00 to the above prices

Pet waste cleanup services for commercial, seniors, and apartment complexes also available!

Please contact us for a quote.

Cat Litter Pets Waste Cleanup

You may ask why anyone would need assistance cleaning out a litter box. Quite often there are many reasons a person needs assistance. Expectant mothers, for health reasons, should steer clear of cleaning cat litter; injuries that make it impossible to bend over; as well as seniors who cannot manage the cleaning. We offer reasonable rates for cat litter scooping.

Please note that the following prices are for clients for whom we are not currently providing pet sitting services. Cat litter scooping is included with our pet sitting service.

Number of cats   Price











More cats?
add $1.50 for each additional cat

Client must provide scooper, litter, liners, as well as a broom and dust pan for area cleanup.

When are pet waste cleanup services performed?

We will be scooping yards and cat litter Monday to Friday 7:30 am 6:00 pm (EST). We do not book specific appointment times for pet waste cleanup services.

Our pet waste cleanup services are not performed on weekends, holidays, Christmas Day or Boxing Day. If your cleaning day falls on a holiday we will arrive the next day or if the holiday falls on a Friday your cleanup will be done on either Wednesday or Thursday.

No contract is needed to sign, simply contact us to arrange for service.

Cancellation of cleaning must be made 48 hours in advance. Failure to cancel will result in full service charge for your clean. Areas to be cleaned must be accessible (ie: gate unlocked and free of obstructions) or full price will be charged.

Please Note: For our safety, please ensure that there are no aggressive dogs in the yard. When we leave we will double check that your gate is securely latched (and locked if requested) so that no escapes happen. Tools and shoes are cleaned after every clean to ensure no cross contamination occurs with other clients’ yards.

Disposal of pet waste

We will bag it and place it in your garbage or other location you request.

Please note the following circumstances which may make total clean up difficult:

  • runny or loose stool (diarrhea)
  • overly long grass or weeds
  • waste under plants (including ground covering plants) or hedges
  • loose landscaping materials (such as gravel or bark chips)
  • flooded areas
Hours of operation
Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm (phone answered)
Saturday & Sunday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm (phone answered)
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